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1956-1957 Corvette Plug Wire "Boomerang" Heat Shields Genuine GM 3733134

Price: $60.00
Item Number: 8998141

1956-1957 Corvette Plug Wire "Boomerang" Heat Shields

CAVEAT EMPTOR: These may also be appropriate for 1955 V8 models.) A pair of original GM 3733134 steel shields each bearing the ITI manufacturers logo stamped in the surface. This feature is lacking in reproductions. These were stripped and silver Cad plated or silver Zinc plated about 25-30 years ago, however two spots were not totally stripped and thus bear some reddish oxidation in pits on the surface. None of these pits are such as to risk a hole through from penetration. They should be stripped again and replated. Note areas marked A & B are the location of this oxidation, and only the lower shield has this blemish feature.

Areas A & B are shown are enlarged in the pictures below. Only the lower piece in the photo has oxidation; the upper is near perfect for a 51-52 year old part subjected to temperature extremes and frequent puddles and slush. It is remarkable that any of these survive. Note the ITI logo at the arrow.

Below is the inboard side that faces the plug wires. No rust is present.

1956 1957

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