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International Orders: Here is a method you can use to order through the net store itself.

Use your First & Last Name and your Street Address.

Then use our City, State & Zip Code - Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604.

In the Comments section below your order - enter your complete address.
DO NOT use DocRebuild as your user name.

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That way you can fool the net store on the destination since it get confused with international. We are smart enough to figure out that we are not going to ship it to ourselves. You must also be smart enough to figure out that the domestic shipping will not apply. Don't forget your phone number for export documents. Note: the software will add state tax automatically. But since we ship your order that is not actually charged when your c/card is billed, but the software is not smart enough to figure that out.

Insurance: is added to all International Shipments & includes the merchandise plus the cost of shipping. This total value may or may not be subject to an import tax in your country. 

Very Important: And note the year, convertible, coupe, t-top, engine size 265, 283, 327, 350, 396, 427, 454. And options like Air Conditioning, Automatic, PS, PB, PW, etc.     

Our address DocRebuild 25 Wells St. Bridgeport, CT 06604 the Warehouse is only open by appointment after 39 years.

Note: there is a $4.00 fee added to some  international shipments because all of the export documents must be filled out by hand; the USPS required immediate payment & we must delivery to the Post Office, whereas common carriers bill us weekly or monthly & pick up at our warehouse.


It is, whatever the carrier charges! Note that shipping 1 lb. to Canada with insurance is approximately $25-35. Shipping 1 lb. to Europe with insurance is approximately $30-40. Shipping 1 lb. to Oz with insurance is approximately $35-45. We DO NOT ship without insurance - because uninsured ones are "lost" or stolen by insiders.

My 1963 Corvette F.I.

Price: $140,000.00
Item Number: 30837S106548
1963 Corvette Coupe VIN 6548 Code 936 Ermine White; RPO's: 837 Base Sport Coupe; 898 Saddle Tan Leather Seat Trim; A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows; A31 Electric Power Windows; G81 Positraction Rear Axle; J50 Power Brakes; J65 Scintered Metallic Brakes; L84 Fuel Injection 360 HP 327; M20 4 speed Transmission; N11 Off Road Exhaust; P48 Cast Aluminum Knock Off Wheels with 2 Bar Spinners; U65 Wonderbar AM Radio (original on shelf, now with) U69 AM-FM Radio.
VIDEO's: this is my all time favorite Corvette.

63 real car

63 resto

63 betty

63 leaf blower

63 déjà vu


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