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1972 Corvette oOSOEZ Dash Wire Harness Guide Set with Air Conditioning

Price: $25.00
Item Number: 8972102

The 1972 oOSOEZ Dash Wire Harness Guide Set with Air Conditioning includes two 12" x 18" schematics & photographs for dash wiring with fuse box and all gauges; plus wiring for these switches: including directional, dimmer, stop lamp, headlamp, ignition, wiper, heater & neutral safety; plus clock, radio & courtesy wires plus every harness for every RPO option icluding the Ignition, Headlamps, Rear Body, AC, PW, TI, Defogger, Alarm, Seat Belt Buzzer, Automatic Shift Lamp & TCS. Includes 8972103

NOTE: Book, Manuals, CD's, DVD, Guides and Posters are not returnable.

      oOSOEZ Wiring Guides were developed circuit testing actual Corvette wiring harnesses. These are not reprinted “colored in” GM or AIM schematics that are notorious for omissions as well as numerous errors. 

       Easily ID wire Circuits, Junctions, Splices, Connectors, Routing, Entry, Gauges, Colors and Locations plus related Miniature Bulb and Fuse Sizes. Even look at a Fuse Box and be able to read the writing.

       Laminated 12”x18” in 14 mil clear plastic these will not easily stain and they lay flat and don’t roll up. That’s important. Those large thin plastic coated ones roll up like a window shade. You need 2 hands or masking tape or a helper. Plus they are so large, you could never look at them while under the dash or the hood.

       Circuit Tested: An accurate in an intuitive easy to understand format. There is no special electrical skill or magnifying glass needed to understand these and identify many electrical problems.

       Fact: All previous schematic are loaded with serious errors and omissions copied over and over again from GM workshop manual, to Assembly Instruction Manual to Service Manuals to Chilton, to all the rip offs sold on ebay. To even the crappy compilation of electrical schematic for numerous years offered as an NCRS published book. You would think their advertisements would be truthful and accurately forewarn: it’s just really a copy of inaccurate incomplete information.

Think about it: none accurate; none complete; none a great value at any price, even when free.

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