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I no longer ship international. Too many foreigners cannot afford the UPS or FedEx shipping rates. If you are in need of some item, have a friend in the USA order it with their credit card & have them ship it to you. 


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Do Not Call my old 800 Number - it is a Coupon Scam
We gave up 800-866-9362 over 10 Years Ago and a
chinese company is now running a SCAM
Buy American - Shop American
Say No to Junk china Reproductions
No Debit Cards - Visa & MC Credit Cards Only
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This web store with shopping cart software supersedes all prior paper catalogs or web pages from our old web site with regard to prices, description or policies.
Please do compare our products. We provide complete and clear product descriptions with all the material and contents listed. Other products bearing similar name's does not guarantee they have anything in common with these offerings. We're clear and transparent with what we include, and where we get it and set the standard for excellence in domestic Corvette reproductions as well as integrity.
We develop & market quality replacement parts using original samples, genuine blueprints and modern material and methods. That's the simple reason our reproductions have been mimicked by zip and many cheap import knock-off's. No t-shirts. No hats. No bling. No pink Swiss army knives. No phony zip ever; None of that deception.
Not everything in our old paper catalogs is carried anymore. We've weeded out the invasive unreliable asian imports that merely look pretty good, but are short lived annuals, not perennials. Keen never stood behind the china repro's he sold to us.  Caveat Emptor.
Reading as well as comprehension is required to order here. There is a plethora of information offered here. If I've described it and the info is here on this web site - it will not be repeated again in any private email to anybody. My time is short and busy. Use the Search Box or better yet the Categories listed in the Right column.
Our email DocRebuild @ as well as (203) 366-1332 are only answered between 10 AM to 8 PM EST. No 24/7 and No concierge here. If you are in a rush - please use the back button - in old age rush is not part of my vocabulary. We cancelled our former 800 phone number and the Fax number. Do not call our old 800 number - a chinese scammer has taken over that number - they will take your credit card and you will loose your money.
Please do not order using your smart phone - because few will read the complete description of what they are ordering - even if its only 2-3 sentences on those itsy bitsy teenie tiny screens. This is not pictionary. Please don't whine afterwards because you did nor read the complete description.
No 3rd Party Shipping on First Time Credit Card Users. NO Exceptions - DON'T ASK. This means we only ship to the credit card billing address for your first order - not to a different shipping address.
We DO NOT market or guarantee parts for any model other than Corvette. DocRebuild has manufactured quality 1953-1982 Corvette replacement parts since 1979 - that is 45 Years Strong.
If you cannot complete a sentence repeating the term correct, correct - perhaps seeking original parts is your best choice.
There is no NCRS guarantee expressed or implied. If I cannot guarantee it - I won't sell it.
We have a garage full of real Corvettes with a warehouse full of Corvette parts; not a virtual warehouse on a hard drive.
Doc knows Olde Corvettes. His garage and Corvettes are below. 
  Avoid China Junk -     Shop  U.S.A. 
How is that short lived china crap working out for you ?
Junk Switches: Power Antenna. Power Window, Headlamp, Wiper, Heater
Headlamp On Off; Headlamp Motors; Chrome Grills; Junk Stinky Rubber; Weatherstrip
You get exactly what you pay for - JUNK CRAP
If you want those cheap crappy chinese parts - please call
Keen, Ecklers, MidAmerica, Corvette Specialties of MD West, Smart Parts, etc.  
only the best made in the USA...