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1980-1981 Corvette Radiator to Hood Air Dam 5 Piece Set Repro Of GM 14016159, 14016150 & 14004687

Price: $24.00
Item Number: 1274526

1980-1981 Corvette Radiator to Hood Air Dam 5 Piece Set Repro Of GM 14016159, 14016150 & 14004687
CAVEAT EMPTOR: set includes 2 outboard contoured sponge rubber seals to fill the gap between the top of the radiator support & the underside of the hood & a center seal that mounts under the air cleaner front duct plus 2 seals that mount on the front of the plastic air cleaner duct. These are Blueprint Accurate quality  replicas made in Bridgeport, CT. None better, more accurate or less expensive. Why pay $20-22 for inaccurate repro's made from repro's? What do you think Zip used? Install the with your original fasteners, or order 2 Push In Fasteners # 1274999 not included.

Part #
List $
Save $
1274526  24.00
ZS417 *** 27.99
3.99 more expensive
313094 *** 29.25
5.25 more expensive
*** a poor copy made from DocRebuild's Blueprint accurate repro except for their price

NOTE: the front center duct seals are die cut not molded.

Around 1984 Mr. Ken May the Director of Warehousing & Distribution for all of General Motors (now retired) provided me with the actual GM Blueprints for Radiator, Fan Shroud & Air Dam Seals. We used these to reproduce these discontinued GM parts. Later we realized that zyp the gyp was ordering these parts wholesale to copy them. Literally making a repro from a DocRebuild repro. Justin Abbot the Lap Dog for David Walker at zyp the gyp has repeatedly stated that I claim invention of these parts. These are dirty liars. I have never claimed to have invented these parts. I have claimed that I was the first to reproduce these parts. And we have the only accurate reproductions. Incidentally Justin Lap Dog Abbott did not even start working at zyp the gyp until a decade after we brought these to the marketplace. Apparently he is a clairvoyant Lap Dog. David Walker claims the high road i.e. silence - that means he cannot dispute the facts. I surreptitiously ordered some of zyp the gyps seals and they are poor imitations not blueprint authentic. They remind me of the Assembly Manuals that have been photocopied over & over. The complex pattern air dams are the worst, and the most visible.

TIP: it you see a zip part number that begins with a Z that is one of their own offerings - a zip repro - or rather on my view a re-poop. Unfortunately, for you the consumer there is no knowledge of how these parts were reproduced. zyp the gyp is a money grubbing liar & phony laughing all the way to the bank with your money. But they are so polite. Bernie Madoff was the epitome of politeness running his scam.

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