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Dishonest Ralphie

Z Jimmy Durham ncrs #8797

Price: $0.00
Item Number: Z durham

James W Durhan
ncrs #8797
1Snakeon the Corvette Foramen
4211 54th Street Ct NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335-7135
(253) 851-7316

Chat rooms empower some to loose control - while anonymous they develop courage. By comparing the persona appearing on different chat rooms we finally identified this dupe. I haven't got a clue what this fellows problem is ????

Jimmy Durham hides behind an anonymous screen name 1Snake on the Corvette Foramen and has repeatedly harassed, maligned and interfered with my business. It took quite a while to identify him since this cyber stalker does not appear in our company database - I doubt he has ever ordered - period. I could not find any invoices bearing his name. Yet he repeatedly degrades DocRebuild with vague vitriol alluding to something nefarious. He never goes so far to even hint at it. It must be so trivial - even he cannot say. If it had any measure of legitimacy any relevance, I'm confident he would blurt it out.

Apparently Jimmy Durham has that internet mental defect, where hes actually unable to express the source of his madness perhaps because it is so petty or so ridiculous. And, if he explained why his panties were in a wad - he'd be embarrassed & many would probably laugh at him. Perhaps he ate too much paint as an adolescent & inhaled too much Carbon Monoxide. Pray for Jimmy Durham, an expert on all facets of the Corvette Universe.

Peruse his messages on the Corvette Foramen, to the ncrs: he is the most knowledgeable, opinionated Corvette owner with an eminent lengthy back round from the Tacoma Fire Department - according to his braggadocio. You will see Jim's constantly berating those who disagree with his Corvette opinions regardless of area or merit. It's entertaining when he argues with engineers that actually worked at GM as well as own Corvettes. In contrast with most fire persons, he starts fire's.

I cant say if I have ever spoken with his Eminence, but will shine some sunlight on this snake. Perhaps I would not take his call. Jimmy Durham is as nasty as the come. He gloated when a fellow was in a serious accident with his Corvette.
Another coward hiding behind a keyboard. Another fellow has repeatedly complained of Durhams harassment to the moderators (an oxymoron) Steven Giannangelo and Robert Briggs and the Corvette Foramen and basically they told him to pound sand.

Advice from the Master Corvette Bulloney Fire Person ... he's only half a man Re: Installation of Antique Automobile Radio in 63 vette I agree. No need for some fancy colored diagram from Dr. Ret--d to do simply wiring. If you can't follow a simple wiring diagram, maybe you should take up knitting instead of car restoration.
Another instance where the ncrs allows others to harass my company. Yet no suspension for Jimmy Durham.

pssst... I was driving my 63 Split Window when Jimmy Durham was a 8 years old - but look him up on ncrs or the Corvette Foramen he know everything about everything - about everything - and you don't !
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