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There are some spiteful people in the ncrs and Gary Beaupre is surely one of them. You can see him above bleating the phrase correct, correct, correct incessantly.

I declined to play his gotcha game and politely declined sales to him a few years ago. His obvious anathema for reproduction Corvette parts was the sole reason. Instead, he was advised to seek original GM parts. Since then he has used the ncrs chat room to vilify my business and denigrate me personally.

Decades ago my business widely published a clear and succinct policy that does not provide any endorsement for any judging criteria including NCRS. We guarantee fit and function as good as original and often with better finishes that originally offered. It appears that this devout club acolytes is purely invested in cosmetic appearance, rather than the enjoyment of ever actually driving a Corvette. Those invested with superficial adornment are advised to procure original GM assembly line model year parts – and that is exactly what I suggested to him.

Perusing the ncrs discussion chat room you can see his continuous bellicose appraisals that most all reproductions are simply inadequate, incorrect, junk. As a petty very, very, minute vendor, his own handful of offering are according to him the pinnacle of picayune correctness – if that is even a word. So if you need a fuel hose – see Gary Beaupre.


Currently Gary Beaupre is suggesting that a ribbed fuel hose we have marketed is essentially a false item to entice club members. 

He has no experience with GM and does not know the how, why, where and type of RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Assoc) identifications and specifications. In my 44 years as a marketer of reproduction parts I have yet to locate any national auto parts supplier (auto zone, napa, etc) that offers any RMA ribbed hose - be it for the heater, PCV or fuel, etc. 

Ribbed hose was a feature used by GM (and I’m guessing probably Ford and Chrysler) to ID the actual manufacturer who supplied their auto assembly plants, however it did not ID the actual use for that hose. Many GM hoses were identified with the GM part number or the last 4 digits of that number to alert assembly plant workers to their use. 

If you went to a GM dealer and bought a piece of genuine GM hose or ordered a roll of genuine GM hose from the GM standard parts book it generally would be printed with the GM spec for that type of hose. That way a 3/8” hose could be identified as either fuel, PCV or power brake since each has a different GM spec and superficially, they all look similar. 

These are some legends used to identify the USE for that type of hose. Ex. GM 6140 heater hose; GM 6147 vacuum hose; GM 6148 evap emissions and vacuum hose; GM 6163M or GM 6165M fuel & oil resistant hose: GM 6165 crankcase vent pipe hose; GM 6188 vacuum brake hose. 

Hose sold by auto zone or napa, etc often have the SAE spec printed on the hose such as SAE 30R7 indicating a fuel hose not suitable for high pressure fuel injection hose or SAE J1401 for hydraulic brake hose.

I will assume Joe Ray is being sincere in his presentation of a fuel hose from a low mileage Corvette, with a GM spec printed on the surface. However that type of identification on that 3/8 hose was typical for bulk hose ID from the GM standard parts book. Above you can see these typical printed GM specs on a similar 25 foot roll of bulk fuel hose.

PS ask Gary Barnes about the oatmeal A-frame dust shields. Here again he demonstrates his ignorance of the raw material and just how masticated rubber is manufactured. This ncrs disciple is one of the reasons I guarantee nothing for ncrs.

PPS: decades ago when we were researching color striped vacuum hoses I bought 15 different rolls from the GM standard parts book. It was listed as for Isuzu – remember GM at one time had an interest in Isuzu. It was nothing like Corvette color striped vacuum hoses and if anyone is interested - I’ll sell it to you cheap as I still have it.


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