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I no longer ship international. Too many foreigners cannot afford the UPS or FedEx shipping rates. If you are in need of some item, have a friend in the USA order it with their credit card & have them ship it to you. 


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How We Run Credit Cards

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How we process credit cards

The exact information you entered is directly copied into a virtual credit card terminal. We do not type your name, address, zip code, card number or any other info into the old type brick & mortar store desktop credit card terminal. There are no typos that could decline a sale by entering a wrong number. It is copied into this bank software & within milliseconds it answers: Authorized or Declined.

If Declined it provides a Transaction Report identifying why the sale was declined. We have No control over approvals. We send that report to you.

We uses AVS Address Verification Software. 
This credit card network program matches five NUMERICAL data points to avoid fraudulent sales.

-1 Credit Card 16 digits - NUMBERS
-2 Expiration date - NUMBERS
-3 Three digit CVV Code (on the rear of the card) - NUMBERS
-4 Street Address or PO Box - NUMBERS
-5  Zip Code - NUMBERS

If all these match what the customers bank provides to the network the sale will be approved. If any one does not match the sale is declined.

If you miss type in your address, zip code or other info its declined. If you think the software will not recognize a different address it does.   

When the Transaction report says
Invalid CVV code the 3 digit you provided do not match the credit card.
Invalid Street Address the address you provided does not match the address the credit card bill arrived at in the US mail. Invalid Zip Code the address you provided does not match the zip code the credit card bill arrived at in the US mail.

Thats it. There is NO ARGUING. Its either Approved or Declined. Declined orders are Cancelled.

Its up to you to provide accurate info to us. However it is also important that your bank is providing the credit card network youre accurate info. You are the only person that can check that your bank is providing that accurate info to the network and often they do not update the network if you move.

Please no arguing. Ill take your money in a heartbeat but if the card is declined we are not going to ship anything. And there is nothing we can do to get the sale approved by your bank.

I do not need to know about all the other places that authorize a sale for you I'm only interested in the results in my store. Many retailers figure in allowing a percentage of fraudulent sales we do not operate on the premise.

NOTE: HANDLING CHARGE: if you provide the wrong credit card billing address, or the wrong credit card billing zip code or the wrong credit card billing 3 digit CVV code there is a $10.00 handling charge added to delete the incorrect information and enter the proper information and then reprocess the credit card via the card authorization network. Add in the time required to write personalized emails explaining why the card was declined. 
Cheap when the minimum wage is $15.00 an hour plus Social Security Tax, plus Unemployment Compensation Tax and Unemployment Compensation Insurance all required by government. 
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