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Jerry Kohn

Price: $999,999.00
Item Number: Jerry Kohn

Jerry Kohn Dec 27,1943 - Sept 8, 2023

I first met Jerry Kohn the founder of Corvette Central at the Carlisle, PA fall and spring events in the mid 1970's we were in space J160 or so and he was in J50 or so. Swap meets were then the primary sources for parts and everything old Corvette.

Jerry's high cube van with the Tan & Orange logo stripe was on Row J just past Al Knoch and Dan Lekander's AAA spaces. And a customer was returning a package tray with a rear broken lip. Jerry got another from the van and he crumbled the lip on that one also too much resin he said and refunded the customer. Send these back to Joe Marlowe (RIP) at R&J Corvette (RIP) he said to Scott.

Al Firke (formerly Chicago Vette Supply) promoted the very first Chicago Vette Fest show all indoors at an old armory in Chicago and I flew there to attend and display new parts. Sunday at the close of the show I followed Jerry to a restaurant outside of Chicago where we had dinner and a really long talk. If I remember correctly Scott and Mike Coleman were also at that dinner. While we were dining some low life stole the glass tops off the Jerry's 78? Corvette and it was raining. Luckily a local friend was called to loan a set of t-tops.

For decades we would see each other marketing Corvette products at the large nationwide Corvette shows from Bloomington to Knoxville to McDorman's to Cypress Gardens. These past couple of years we have corresponded and I sent Jerry the following email just last year when the sale of his company Corvette Central was announced. That message is still true today.

August 10, 2022
Congratulation Jerry
You earned it. I envy you, not for money, but for the burden lifted off your shoulders.
A while back I read the National Corvette Museum used 10 anonymous people to select people to honor in the Hall of Fame. Then they have 100 more anonymous people to decide what the 10 have proposed. In my purview, you have done more for Corvette owners than many, if not most of the "enthusiasts" they have honored.
I'd nominate you as having done more for the real Corvette enthusiasts & the hobby than much of the fluff they induct. Unfortunately, I am not one of the select anonymous ones. The fact that you earned a few bucks in the process does not diminish your accomplishments. I'll wish you good luck but you don't need it.

Sun, Aug 14, 2022 at 4:54 PM
Hi Geoff,
Thanks for the compliment; it works both ways. I value your opinion of my accomplishments more than the NCM's 100 people or most of the people they've picked.
I meant to get back to you long before this with an answer to your April email. But this company sale, with its due diligence and disclosures, I wondered if it would ever end.
I'm glad we got it done, and I believe it puts CC in a strong position for the future.
We need to get to the discussion you started in April and see if we can help you lift some of the burdens off your shoulders.
Have a Great Day,
>Jerry Kohn
Founder | Corvette Central

Jerry appreciated the acknowledgement in my email and beyond that he was a great asset to the Corvette hobbyist restoring their dream car and a major supplier of parts in the development of Corvette reproduction parts industry. Unfortunately, a year later he was cheated from enjoying retirement. I hope Jerry is honored by the Corvette Museum for his extensive varied accomplishments, even though he will be cheated from attending induction. Jerry (RIP).

PS when you look at the criteria listed for some recent Corvette Museum inductees it is pretty thin soup. Jerry did a lot more than what they have been identifying as qualification and/or accomplishments.

Recent selections mentioned these qualifications:
Assisting others preserve the DNA of their Corvette,
Attending many Corvette events,
Volunteer to judge others Corvette.
Publishing articles about Corvettes.
Producing arcane judging point criteria to evaluate Corvettes.
Hosting an annual outdoor party for Corvette owners with a band.
Write some arcane method of dividing a Corvette into 4500 judging points or a half a point or a quarter of a point.

The total number of authentic Corvette reproductions developed by Jerry is by far larger than any other true manufacturer of Corvette parts other than GM. And Jerry's parts were excellent. If your passion is an original restored Corvette from 1953-1982 there is a high probability it has a part originally made by Jerry.

Jerry Kohn (RIP) should be a Corvette Museum Enthusiast Nominee and Member
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