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z Larry Phipps ncrs #61200

Price: $0.00
Item Number: Z phipps

Larry Phipps
ncrs # 61,200
(the above is not the well known Computer Tech giant of similar sounding name)

Larry Philpps is a rather new ncrs member. He emailed: "I am interested in your item 8995127. Could you confirm the top side has an indent circle?" After 40+ years - my ears perked up - his queries were an alert to another ncrs cosmetic minutia search. These original St Louis installed assembly line hood bumpers were sold out when he inquired. Rather than guess about an indent circle I declined & suggested he search elsewhere.

By his tenor I knew these were the type of sales that often resulted in returns because GM literally used millions of these from 1953 through 1976 in most if not all car lines - and there were many supplier & molds. This is a little rubber hood bumper 1/2 thick as round as a Roosevelt Dime. In the jpeg below of my 1963 - blow this jpeg up - can you see the indent circle?

Months later Larry Philpps again has the another ncrs query. QUOTE: "I am looking at your part Item Number: 3402151 - 1963-1965 Corvette Air Cleaner Screen Reproduction Of GM 5649530 I wanted to confirm that the rows of holes are staggered as pictured on your website. Most of the reproductions I'm finding have the holes aligned vertically instead of staggered. I am looking for ones that are staggered."

This screen is pictured above just as on the my web store 800x600 pixels. Its large and barely shown on other venues. They look staggered to me, but again I know this is a waste of time and reply. I'm not going to even check one. best you seek original parts. Larry Philpps looses it and replies.

QUOTE: "At 60 yo, U have to be the worst MF I ever tried to do business with. Good luck running your POS parts business with those that'll put up with your crap. I thought I'd give u one more chance to conduct business in a business like manner. Anyway fuck off".

This is the type of fowl insults written when you don't want to deal with a textbook ncrs acolyte's chasing minutia codified in their ever changing guide to judging. Forty years ago, in 1979 I joined member #2??? and each with year passing noted that rabid ncrs members were responsible for almost all returns. There is always something that is not correct, regardless if the part is original new GM or even a used original GM or worse reproduction.

Larry Phipps is clearly an obnoxious & profane individual when I would not play the ncrs gotcha game. These nouveau cult members babble the term "correct" incessantly, cannot complete a sentence without it; whine about anything not original & curse you if you do not genuflect for their religion. It's all about minutia. Shallow appearances just like Larry Phipps
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