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We guarantee Fit, Function & Quality. There is no expressed or implied artificial NCRS cosmetic guarantee; that is guaranteed to change with each new $50-89.95 "Manuels" publication. And No refund on old NCRS Manuels.




74 Greenwood 

Alaska, Hawaii & 



Select the Destination State or Country from those available in this software. If you State or Country does not appear in the selection - we don't ship there.

Canada is at the top of the list, below the US.

Incomplete or frivolous replies to any question result in cancellation. No third party shipment allowed.


Insurance: is added to all International Shipments & includes the merchandise plus the cost of shipping. This total value may or may not be subject to an import tax in your country. No shipment without Full Insurance.


Very Important: And note the year, convertible, coupe, t-top, engine size 265, 283, 327, 350, 396, 427, 454. And options like Air Conditioning, Automatic, PS, PB, PW, etc.     


Note: there is a $4.00 fee added to International shipments because of the necessity of export documents; the USPS required immediate payment & we must delivery to the Post Office.


It is, whatever the carrier charges! Note that shipping 1 lb. to Canada with insurance is approximately $25-35. Shipping 1 lb. to Europe with insurance is approximately $30-40. Shipping 1 lb. to Oz with insurance is approximately $35-45. We DO NOT ship without insurance - because uninsured ones are "lost" or stolen by insiders.



We authorize credit cards with AVS (Address Verification Software).

AVS matches the credit card number with 5 Data Points.


 1.  Credit Card Number example: 1234 1234 1234 1234

 2.  Expiration Date Number example: 1219

 3.  3 Digit CVV Number example: 123

 4.  Street Address or PO Box Number example: 12 (# length can vary)

 5.  Zip Code Number 12345


If the network that authorized credit cards says all 5 numbers match – we ship. If the network that authorized credit cards says one does not match – we do not ship.


You may protest that all 5 do match – however the network may have wrong information. It matters not that the bill arrives at that address via the Post Office – the computer network often – I repeat often have wrong information.


After running credit cards for nearly 40 years – I will not argue with you. Only YOU can contact your credit card provider & make sure they are providing the correct information to the network used to authorize credit cards.


If however, your credit card checks at a DIFFERENT address – there is a $10.00 re-instatement fee.

When they malign,
I reply & out them

Dirtball #238

James Durham

Wholittle #32595


Dan Bachrach

Furline #53259

Mr Phipps #61200

Profane Mr Torrey

2 Queers

Nowhere man

z Mike Fur-LYING

Price: $0.00

 Mike Fur-LYING NCRS (53259)

Justin, Texas



After he bashed me on NCRS I decided to find out the facts behind Mike Fur-LYINGs purchase of a 1970 radiator support. It turns out this fellow though he had the wrong support in his car - simply because he relied on the inaccurate generic Assembly Manual illustration. He requested info from the NCRS web site & their members confirmed that he did in fact have the authentic support for his model. This action transpired on Dec 2, 2012.  I only discovered the following picture he posted until months after he bought two identical support from us & returned them claiming they were damaged to avoid having to pay FOUR oversize shipping charges. He is simply a liar.  In business we term him a DEADBEAT.


He posted this photo of his original on ncrs.

Upon arrival Mike Fer-lying then realized that his original radiator support was the same as this one and did not need it. So he decided to claim it was damaged. That way he could avoid paying Oversize Freight to ship it back.


We immediately had another support shipped & sent a call tag for the allegedly damaged support.  Apparently Mike Fer-LYING was caught off guard, because the next day he tried to cancel the second radiator support, however it was already shipped.


That was not a problem for Mike Fur-LYING. He claimed that one was damaged also & he simply did not want any radiator support. At that point we informed him that we would no longer sell to him on any credit card. I fully realized this would be the end of Mike Fur-LYINGs sales and truthfully - that was my exact desired goal. Get rid of a dead beat liar.  At every point we offered a replacement shipment, or resolution - however when all else fails it was simply best to say - au revoir Mike, we cannot to be party to this type of dirty charade. Your a liar. 


Apparently castrating his credit card & credibility led him to simply LIE about the terms & nature of this sale. Mike Fer-LYING could not even publish a photo of any damage to this radiator support. His selection was of a repaired cardboard shipping carton. No damage support photos & his original looks good to me. I even enlarged his photos to look for the usual rust to the lower member.

His ruse was simple: when Mike Fur-LYING realized his support was original, a new one was not needed. Therefore, how to avoid oversize shipping & return make up a LIE.

Neither of the radiator support that were shipped were in fact damaged.

This dead beat wanted to avoid 4 oversize shipping charges; over $100.

Soon he'll be a Master Black Hat ncrs judge in Justin, Texas.


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