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A Samuel the mule & Samson

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Our big dog Sam died today Saturday March 6, 2022

We adopted Sam in the fall of 2009 from Doggie Day Care in Danbury, CT.

Saw him advertised on Craigslist. He was saved from a kill pound in Ohio by a network a animal rescue people who drove him from one state to the next person, who would then continue his rescue journey to another state to next person until Jennifer got him in CT.

The kill pound said he was about 6 years old but we soon realized he was just a big maybe 1 year old puppy. Using the belly wrap diaper with velro & disposable tampons he quickly became conditioned to do his business outside & really loved our yard. He loved riding in my Corvettes also. Jennifer said he slept with her in bed the first night he arrived. The next day we took him to his forever home, our house & he would snuggled up to me in bed. Soon he had a routine & could run free in the yard except at night. The state introduced coyotes to our neighborhood to cull the deer, turkey & other of Gods natural inhabitants & we always stayed with him outside & never let him run free at night.

Tonight we buried him in our yard. Two years ago I dug his grave alongside those of our four previous loving dogs: PeeDee, Samantha Louise, Brownie & Poppa Bear. We though he would die two years ago after a stroke that left him weak, confused & helpless for 2-3 days but he recovered miraculously & was back to normal. A few months later he had another stroke & also recovered. A year later he had a third & again recovered. In the past two months he lost a lot of his muscle mass & became progressively weaker. I thank my dear wife for taking such good actually excellent care of him as she was & still is an RN and was perfectly suited to the task.

All of our previous dogs were strays rescued from the streets near our warehouse. We often though about their prior lives and would wish we could have had from their birth as puppies. But at least we rescued them from a dire life or death. They all we loving & acceptable to each next new one that we rescued. They all got along. Our cat Miss Porter would snuggle up & sleep next to Sammys belly.

We had Sam 13 years, the longest of all and it hurts the most that he is gone. Five years ago a woman from Georgia was caught after she was arrived with a van full of 20+ dogs selling them on craigslist. The dogs were confiscated by our animal control & put up for adoption. One was very shy & traumatized. He could not even walk up or down steps. We adopted him & named him Sams Son. Our old dog Sam accepted him & taught him everything. Sam did a great job and now Sams Son is our top dog.

We loved these dogs. These strays give unconditional love and protection. My wife says it is because we saved them. This video is from 5 years ago. When we first got Sam I would pick him up & put him in my lap. From that beginning to until he got weak he would jump into my lap every day, sometimes more than once. Ill miss that.

The best accessories to any of my Corvettes:
Samuel the mule and young Samson

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