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When they stink,
I reply & out them


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Dishonest Ralphie

Z Steve J Giannangelo ncrs #24569

Price: $0.00
Item Number: Z giannangelo

Stephen Joseph Giannangelo ncrs #24569
the Corvette Foramen Moderator aka Vettebuyer6369
formerly aka Vettebuyer5869
11 Red Bud Run
Springfield, IL 62707

The Corvette Foramen uses these fellows to Extort & Harass those that do not PAY THEM A MONTHLY FEE. He will allow anyone to harass my business. All - as in ALL of this information is available from google. Why do these folk hide on the Corvette Foramen? What do they have to hide? Put a little Sunshine on this fellow. Out "him". Give him the Celebrity he so craves so he doesn't need to hide. Only anonymous cybernauts have any courage.

This troll tries to interfere with my web store every day. He thinks he's anonymous; but in reality a coward - masquerading as a LEO no less. Moderator Steve Giannangelo probably authored the Corvette Foramen regulations concerning Personal Attacks. He knowingly allows Dan Bachrach - who had never ordered here - not only to repeatedly lie about my shipping rates - but to conducts this personal attack even after I clearly explained my rates. Following are his terms of endearment - uh huh - Dr Crazy Troll No Guts Numb Nuts

Now remember, Steve Giannangelo is an impartial arbiter - a Moderator - uh huh. He is really typical of the Corvette Foramen Extortionists. Steve also edits other members posts that explains that DocRebuild is just not allowed to reply on the Corvette Foramen - unless a monthly fee is paid. You can run, but your days of hiding are over.

Steve Giannangelo identifies himself as - 20+ years as a LEO - as in a Law Enforcement Officer ? Sound like he's trying to claim the identity of our valued First Responders: Police Officers. From googling - it reveals he was and I quote - was in the "Bureau of Criminal Investigation of the Illinois Department of Revenue". A tax collector agent enforcing the law. I suppose a Dog Catcher is also a LEO, since they also enforce the law. So is a Meter Maid a LEO. Is he padding his online persona, to appears like he's apprehending some violent, dangerous - ahhh tax cheat. A brave, courageous LEO or a phony chasing a book keeper armed with a pencil and ledger?

Recently I came across the following comment placed by Gianangello December 2008. He had it removed from the Corvette Foramen after he changed his fake screen name from vettebuyer5869 to vettebuyer6369. That is when this slug was on the payroll for the State of Illinois. As typical, these slugs spend their time on the internet while taxpayer foot the bill for their anonymous work time adventures. It only remains today because somebody else quoted him. As typical, the Corvette Foramen scrubbed many of his aphorism's away - including the entire messages.

Gianangello perpetuates the phony message that there have been many lawsuits at my company. According to Gianangello another quote "Let the lawsuits begin". He has been harassing my business for over 10 YEARS. Factually I was a plaintiff ONCE meaning I filed a (Federal Court) civil law suit ONCE in 1993 as in one time. And I've never been a defendant as in never sued by someone else. Gianangello is actually not the macho man - he hides behind a screen name.

After identifying him on February 1, 2018 - I noted he had actually ordered from my company several times at the same he was bashing; allowing harassment of my business. Knowing this Corvette Lounge Lizard patronizes many Corvette events, now that I know what he looks like - I look forward to seeing him in the flesh and calling him a Coward to his face. He not encourages, but participates in the tortuous interference with my business.
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