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I no longer ship international. Too many foreigners cannot afford the UPS or FedEx shipping rates. If you are in need of some item, have a friend in the USA order it with their credit card & have them ship it to you. 


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REAL FACT: This is the 44th Year we have been manufacturing and marketing Corvette Parts. This has been a Brick & Mortar full time Corvette only business since 1979. Earlier in the 1970's it was part time. We have been on the same street for 30+ years and printed real catalogs before the internet became popular. We have a small warehouse with 2 floors filled with real Corvette parts. This was long before, "Corvette parts on a Hard Drive" became the popular internet warehouse. There are our Old Catalogs from #1 to #28 We printed our last paper catalog in 2008. It is online as a pdf file at

REAL FACT: This is the 50th Year I have been a Corvette Owner & Enthusiast. I drove my first Corvette in 1963. I did not own it at that time. Today I do own that same exact Corvette - a Split Window Coupe. I purchase it for $ 1,200 around 1970-1971. Although I have lost my enthusiasm for crawling under or working on Corvettes, I am still an enthusiast at heart. I currently own that 63 F.I. coupe, a 56 2x4 auto, a 67 427 AC Automatic, a 68 L-89 coupe (sold 2022), a 68 435 convertible, (sold 2021) a 69 400 AC convertible, a 75 L-82 AC Coupe and a 99 Coupe with the nice Gold wheels. My Vette's can be seen at My Old Cars and Woody-Collection.mpg

REAL FACT: We had our first Corvette reproduction part manufactured in 1979. The receipt from Milford Fabricating in framed on my office wall. I refer to this a "Job Number 1". Milford Fabricating produced those parts and also supplied the US space program that went to the moon. We have consistently sought out quality subcontractors to produce parts. We reproduce over 1000 parts today, and there were made from real Corvette parts and genuine Corvette blueprints, not like Zip which merely copied our repros. They were so careless they even copied errors. Repeatedly copies errors and parts GM never made.

REAL FACT: We have only had a web site on the Internet since 1999 & a web store since 2010. A mere novice in all that phony Baloney. Due to the crime in this largest city of Bridgeport. Our warehouse was closed for retail walk in customers in 2008.
The top negative Google review is from 2021. A phony reviewer claims he visited a few year prior to 2021 - however - apparently he did not realize well over a decade earlier the warehouse was closed.

DANGEROUS CITY: The photo below shows the illegal shut down of the Rt 8/25 a mile North of I-95. This city calls this area the Enterprise Zone. It has continued to deteriorate into vacant factories, empty storefronts, nail salons, fast food chains & dangerous bars. The only enterprising is the rising crime rate. There have been 4 murders within a few blocks of my warehouse.
It is so enterprising that a trajectory of a bullet piercing a second story glass window & they lodging in a lower wooded door shows that it came from an 8 story government low income housing project 1/2 mile away. If you were standing in front of the window - you would have been hit in the lower chest. If in the doorway - in the lower leg. Around ?June 2021 a person was shot just down the block on the other underside of the underpass. Another was shot over by the AutoZone-SafeLite-McDonalds parking lot. Last week beginning of November 2021, a fellow was murdered exiting a "night club" called the Mystique. It's just 2 blocks away - and that building was back to back with our old first warehouse 30+ years ago. I blame government policies: on crime, the border, illegals, drugs, lack of family, etc.
I've had my fill of feral mutts.

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