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I no longer ship international. Too many foreigners cannot afford the UPS or FedEx shipping rates. If you are in need of some item, have a friend in the USA order it with their credit card & have them ship it to you. 


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Dishonest Ralphie

RETURNS & EXCHANGES: We do not market any item based upon any cosmetic NCRS established criteria. For those aesthetic shoppers, contact the NCRS directly and ask for Gary Mortimer the Founder. No NCRS guarantee whatsoever.  We guarantee fit & function as well as authentic design & finish as good as OEM and often with better plating & industrial painting finishes.

CONSIGNMENT: we do not sell on consignment.

No returns for the following reasons:

I didn’t need it.

I found my lost part.

I ordered the same elsewhere.

I changed my mind. 

I ordered in error.

I sold my car.

Etc. Any defective item or item damaged in transit will be cheerfully exchanged.

If you don’t need it – don’t order it with the expectation of return. You sell it online. 

All returns require a call to Customer Service at (203) 366-1332 or an email to obtain a Return Authorization Number. This number must be placed on the outside of the shipping carton above the return address. Returned package without a Return Authorization Number will be not accepted. To speed your return, please include a copy of the invoice with instructions indicating a refund or exchange. Or reference the original invoice number. Return shipping and insurance must be pre-paid. Protect fragile or easily damaged items. Items damaged during return are the responsibility of the shipper and should be fully insured. As of June 1, 2017 a  25% restocking fee will be charged (rising from 15%) for all correctly sent items. No Returns will be accepted AFTER 30 days from the ship date.

NON RETURNABLE ITEMS: Items held more than 30 days are not returnable. Parts that are installed, altered in any manner or not in the original condition are not returnable. Electrical, Date Coded items, some Special Order fiberglass and color coded Special Order & Interior Upholstery parts are not returnable. Video Tapes, Manuals, Books and Instructional and Trouble Shooting Guides are not returnable if they are removed from their sealed packages. Some parts are packaged in sealed clear plastic packages with an external bold RED LABELS stating “NOT RETURNABLE IF OPENED”. If the package seal is broken, they are NOT RETURNABLE - and can only be exchanged for the same item should they be defective. If they are removed from these sealed packages they are not returnable.

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