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I no longer ship international. Too many foreigners cannot afford the UPS or FedEx shipping rates. If you are in need of some item, have a friend in the USA order it with their credit card & have them ship it to you. 


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NEW CUSTOMERS - we only ship to the actual credit card billing address for the first 30 days.
We ship via US Postal Service and FedEx as well as Motor Freight on oversize items.
Third party shipments when approved are limited to the same State as the credit card bill. 
With over 10,000 plus different parts of different sizes, shapes and weights shipping to 48 different states with other parts of different sizes, shapes and weights it is not possible to accurately determine the shipping charges as shown below.  
Orders ignoring above are cancelled 
Minimum parts order $20.00

Approximate Shipping Charges for 48 contiguous U.S.

If merchandise totals:

$20.00 to $25.00 add $9.95

$25.01 to $50.00 add $11.95

$50.01 to $75.00 add $13.95

$75.01 to $100.00 add $15.95

$100.01 to $150.00 add $18.95

$150.01 to $200.00 add $20.95

$200.01 to  $300.00 add $25.95

$300.01 to $400.00 add $30.95

$400.01 to $500.00 add $35.95

$500.01 to $600.00 add $40.95

$600.01 to $700.00 add $45.95

$700.01 to $800.00 add $50.95

$800.01 to $900.00 add $55.95

$900.01 to $1,000.00 add $60.95

FLAT RATE SHIPPING Shipping charges are generally value based. The greater the item(s) value; the greater the shipping charge. It works exactly the same way that the credit card clearinghouses charge the seller for charging your credit card. The greater the credit card charge; the greater the fee charged by the credit card clearinghouses.

Some items are not eligible for flat rate shipping since they do not fit in the Flat Rate USPS supplied boxes & bags. Large bulky items or heavy items or combination of several items are not often eligible for flat rate shipping - particularly those order that must travel to destinations far from Connecticut - example California, Arizona, Nevada, etc. 

SHIPPING INFORMATION Orders ship via US Priority Mail or Parcel Post or Federal Express, We select the most efficient and cost effective method. A street address is required for all shipments. Allow 5-7 working days for shipments to the Western states. Some domestic orders less than 3 pounds may ship via U.S. Priority mail or Parcel Post to a U.S. Post Office Box. Items that bulky or oversize packages are billed at carriers rates & not eligible for flat rate shipping.

CREDIT CARD ORDERS We only accept VISA & MASTER CARD. Please specify card number, expiration date and the card holders name. We use Address Verification Software to match the shipping address with the actual credit card billing address. Orders from NEW CUSTOMERS can only be shipped to the actual credit card billing address for the first 30 days. If the credit card is billed to a PO Box, we must ship to the residential address for the first 30 days. After 30 days we can ship to a work or business address.

If your order's ship charge exceeds the above values, we will notify you prior to shipping to obtain authorization for any increase due to oversize parts or extra handling due to their weight.

Published shipping rates are only for the 48 contiguous United States. International, Hawaii & Alaska are billed at prevailing rates based upon package weight, size, value & insurance.

Address Correction Surcharge: when confronted with an inaccurate or incomplete shipping address, UPS corrects the address for delivery and adds a additional of $11.00 (Eleven dollars) for ground shipments. You can read about that UPS policy and others mat the following UPS address:

Since we must in turn process another credit cards transaction and go backwards to locate that number to be reimbursed for that fee we add $2.00 additional for that transaction fee for a total of $13.00 (Thirteen dollars).


You can avoid additional surcharges by providing us complete and accurate addresses. Note the suffix attached to an address must be complete and accurate – example are Street, Avenue, Drive, Way, Lane, Boulevard, North, South, West, East. Additionally use the accurate name for the destination city as in New York – not Soho, Noho, Chinatown or Greenwich Village.


The same is true for inaccurate Zip codes.


International Shipping is NOT available.

Shipping without insurance is NOT available.



We authorize credit cards with AVS (Address Verification Software).

AVS matches the credit card number with 5 Data Points.


 1.  Credit Card Number example: 1234 1234 1234 1234

 2.  Expiration Date Number example: 1219

 3.  3 Digit CVV Number example: 123

 4.  Street Address or PO Box Number example: 12 (# length can vary)

 5.  Zip Code Number 12345


If the network that authorized credit cards says all 5 numbers match – we ship. If the network that authorized credit cards says one does not match – we do not ship.


You may protest that all 5 do match – however the network may have wrong information. It matters not that the bill arrives at that address via the Post Office – the computer network often – I repeat often have wrong information.


After running credit cards for nearly 40 years – I will not argue with you. Only YOU can contact your credit card provider & make sure they are providing the correct information to the network used to authorize credit cards.


If however, your credit card checks at a DIFFERENT address – there is a $10.00 re-instatement fee.

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